Gideon Kendall is an artist, illustrator and animation designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Gideon has created books, illustrations, comics and animation for many clients including Penguin/Putnam, Disney, Cartoon Network, Madison Square Garden, Citibank, Scholastic and The New York Times.

When not serving his corporate overlords, Gideon enjoys making books and comics for both children and grown-ups.. Gideon has illustrated several picture books, including The Fall of General Custard, which will be released by White Cloud Press in 2016.  He is the writer and author of the sci-fi comic book series WHATZIT and collaborates with writer Doug Latino on the auto-bio anthology series WAIT...It Gets Worse.

Gideon draws in a diverse array of styles.  Whether it’s a gentle child’s drawing or an irreverent graphic novel, Gideon creates illustrations that are richly detailed and classically drawn. Gideon received his BFA from Cooper Union.  He currently resides in the sleepy neighborhood of Kensington with his wife and fellow artist Julie Peppito, and their son Milo.



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